Vidalia Sweet Onion Fundraiser

As a fundraiser, our camp is participating in the Division fundraiser to sell 10 lb bags of Vidalia sweet oninons.

Contact Doug Langley, 616-3751, with any questions you may have concerning the program.


1. Contact your friends and family to take orders for a 10 lb bag of fresh, sweet Vidalia onions. The selling price is $13 per bag.

2. Phone or email your order for the number of bags you will sell to Doug Langley, 615-3751, by Saturday, April 2.

3. If you are able, help the camp pick up our onions from Columbia on Saturday, April 30.

4. Pick up your bags of onions from our camp distribution point which will be announced soon.

5. Deliver the onions to your friends and neighbors and collect the payment ($13 per bag) - cash or checks payable to Camp 36 SCV .

6. Turn the money into the Camp Adjutant at the next camp meeting.

How to Sell Vidalia Sweet Onions.

Each year the biggest objection we hear from Camp members about the Onion Fundraiser is, "I'm just not a salesman!" Followed by, "I just don't have time to run all over town talking to people about onions!" Both of these are pretty lame excuses because:

A. You don't really have to be much of a salesman to sell these onions. You just have to have the guts to ask. Everybody knows what "Vidalias" are and most people really like them. At any rate, nearly everyone will buy one for a good cause.

B. You sell these from the comfort of your home during commercials while watching the NCAA college basketball tournament or whatever your favorite TV show is. You can also do it by email. How much easier can it get.

Follow these steps and you will easily make your Camp goal of 20 bags or more.

1. Make a list of 20 friends (outside the Camp), work associates, church friends, car pool members, club friends, neighbors, cousins, uncles, aunts, & don't forget people form whom you have bought raffle tickets, girl scout cookies, BBQ tickets, etc. (It's payback time!)

2. Next to each name on the list, write down their phone number - or email address.

3. Start calling. Call one person during each TV timeout while watching the game. Or you could call 5 people one night, then 5 the next night, and so on until you are done.

4. Take advantage of opportunities to tell people about your Camp and the good work you do.