Battles in SC

These are the major battles and engagements fought in South Carolina during the War for Southern Independence. South Carolina was the site of battles and engagement throughout the entire war. The opening shots of the war were fired in South Carolina. In addition, one of the last engagements was Union General Potter's raid through South Carolina, which occurred after General Lee's surrender at Appomatax and completed just days before General Johnston's surrender.

There were many smaller skirmishes that occurred during the war, especially around Charleston and during Sherman's march through South Carolina. Only the major battles and engagements are shown here.


January 9, 1861: Star of the West warning shots fired from Morris Island

April 12-14, 1861: Firing on Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor

November 7, 1861: Invasion of Port Royal


January 1, 1862: Battle of Port Royal Ferry

June 16, 1682: Battle of Secessionville, James Island

June 21, 1862: Simmon's Bluff, Charleston


April 7, 1863: Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor

July 10-11, 1863: Fort Wagner, Morris Island

July 16, 1863: Grimball's Landing, James Island

July 18 - September 7, 1863: Fort Wagner, Morris Island

August 17-23, 1863: Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor

September 7-8, 1863: Battery Gregg, Charleston Harbor


February 17, 1864: The H. L. Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic

July 2, 1864: Attack on Fort Johnson, James Island

July 7-9 1864: Bloody Bridge Battle, Johns Island

November 30, 1864: Honey Hill


February 3, 1865: River's Bridge

February 11, 1865: Battle of Aiken

February 15-17,1865: Battle of Columbia

April 5-21, 1865: Potter's Raid through South Carolina