Confederate Units in SC

This is a listing of units that were mustered into the Confederate States Army (CSA) from South Carolina during the War for Southern Independence. There were also many South Carolina militia units that served, especially early in the war. Some of those units were mustered into the CSA as an entire unit. The 16th South Carolina Volunteer Regiment, for which Camp 36 is named, is an example, having served for six months as a militia unit before being mustered into the CSA in April, 1862. Other units that were much smaller were often mustered into an existing CSA unit or were combined with other militia units to create a CSA unit. An example of this is the Charleston Light Dragoons, a militia unit that had existed since 1792. It was mustered into the CSA as Company K of the 4th South Carolina Cavalry in March of 1862.

This link leads to a discussion of the Organization of the Armies of the Confederacy. The organization of the armies changed throughout the war. This discussion describes the most common organization.


1st Battalion Sharp Shooters

1st Infantry Battalion (Charleston Battalion)

1st Infantry Regiment, Provisional Army

1st Regiment Rifles (Orr's Rifles)

1st Regiment Volunteers

2nd Infantry Regiment (2nd Palmetto)

2nd Regiment Rifles

3rd Infantry Battalion (Laurens')

3rd Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Battalion

4th Infantry Regiment

5th Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Battalion

6th Infantry Regiment

7th Infantry Battalion

7th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Infantry Regiment (Pee Dee Legion)

9th Infantry Regiment

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

13th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment

15th Infantry Regiment

16th Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Greenville)

17th Infantry Regiment

18th Infantry Regiment

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

21st Infantry Regiment

22nd Infantry Regiment

23rd Infantry Regiment (Coast Rangers)

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Regiment (Eutaw Regiment)

26th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment

Charleston Infantry Battalion

Palmetto Regiment Sharpshooters


1st Cavalry Regiment

2nd Cavalry Regiment

3rd Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry Regiment

5th Cavalry Regiment

6th Cavalry Regiment (Dixie Rangers)

7th Cavalry Regiment

10th Cavalry Battalion

14th Cavalry Regiment

16th Cavalry Battalion

17th Cavalry Battalion

19th Cavalry Battalion


1st Heavy Artillery Regiment

2nd Heavy Artillery Regiment

3rd Battalion, Light Artillery (Palmetto)

3rd Heavy Artillery Regiment

15th Heavy Artillery Battalion 18th Heavy Artillery Battalion (Siege Train Artillery)

Beaufort Light Artillery

Brooks Light Artillery

Chesterfield Light Artillery

Ferguson's Battery

German Light Artillery (Charleston German Artillery)

Gist Guard Light Artillery

Lafayette Light Artillery

Macbeth Light Artillery

Marion Light Artillery

Mathewes' Battery

Palmetto Light Artillery

Pee Dee Light Artillery

Santee Light Artillery

Waccamaw Light Artillery

Washington Light Artillery


Hampton Legion

Holcombe Legion

Lists compiled from Units of the Confederate States Army by Joseph H Crute, Jr.